We also publish books, as well as a newspaper.  You'll love our titles.  Here are some of our favorites.

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The only complete identification guide of edible and medicinal plants in North America in 5 volumes

A new translation into conversational American English that gives insight not only into the way of goodness, but the man who wrote about it

A new translation of some of the teachings of the Buddha Gotama into conversational American English

The Doubtful Trail presents in simple American English the basic lessons and trainings taught by the Buddha Gotama, and is expanded in a Moment Before the Fire with an exploration of the implications for pursuing Buddhism as laity, and is further explored in the Nearest Shore as the very concept of refuge is developed.  Whether you are a lifelong Buddhist or new to Buddhism, you will enjoy these books.

Farming for Ranchers

Though written for ranchers interested in beginning farming, even lifelong farmers will gain benefit from understanding this profound new system of agriculture. This book on farming presents an original system of Aaron Brachfeld, who, in advancing the combined efforts of Marcus Varro, Lucius Columella, Jethro Tull, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Masanobu Fukuoka, explains not only the science behind farming crops and animals, but provides instruction on how to implement that understanding for the greatest profit… …And suggests a sublime implication that farming is not only as an industry, but a way of life, and the very best means for ecological management. This book covers all subjects related to roots, soil, composting, vermaculture, fertility without fertilizers, plant nutrition, fertilizers, leaves, feedlots, flowers, ecology, IPM, tillage, atmospheric condensation of water, erosion, water purification, hoeing, planting, harvesting, establishing a system of aisles/beds/rows, beneficial weeds, noxious weeds, annual systems, biennial systems, perennial systems, vineyard systems, arboreal systems, haying and pasture systems, specialty crops, commodity crops, stockyarding, land reclamation, converting pasture to farmland, blight, smut, production economics, labor management, marketing, sales, distribution, trucking and all other subjects required to begin or manage a farm...together with a detailed review of the tools required to do so. These subjects are presented in context to the history of agriculture and an economic and practical comparison to conventional methods with clear, concise directions on how to integrate the various systems if desired.