Tim Dore and Kelly Dore's official misconduct?

a.      Commissioner Dore claims she is a counselor licensed to practice in the State of Colorado.  This claim is made on her website, www.coloradomommycoach.com
i.      She claims to counsel in grief, trauma, family therapy and abortion decisions.  These are medical practices in Colorado that require licensure.
b.      Inquiry with DORA indicates that there is no license for Kelly Dore, under her married or given name.
c.       She claims to have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Colorado State University in 2000.  To obtain licensure, she would require a Masters Degree or Doctorate in a different field of study.
d.      The website and its claims have been archived on the Google Cloud
ii.      Testimonials of clients, showing she is actively practicing, are archived here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Uw20I6L5QfTEsyQnVpZDRHZzA/view?usp=sharing
e.      As of January 25, 2015 this website was unchanged.
f.      Tim Dore, her husband, owns Montezillo LLC which owns Second Chances Counseling LLC through which Kelly Dore practices medicine.  He undertakes active management of her practice and is both aware and equally culpable for her misdemeanoring and felonious activity.
g.      The repetitive nature of her crime makes it a felony pursuant to 12-36-129 CRS.
i.      12-43-501 CRS requires a license for family counselors.  Dore claims to practice family counseling, and that she is licensed to do so. But she has no license, nor the qualifications to obtain one.
ii.      12-43-601 CRS requires a license for professional counselors.  Dore claims to be a professional counselor, and that she is licensed.  But she has no license, nor the qualifications to obtain one.
1.       12-43-602.5 CRS defines the "practice of licensed professional counseling" as “the application of mental health, psychological, or human development principles through cognitive, affective, behavioral, or systematic intervention strategies that address wellness, personal growth, or career development, as well as pathology. A licensed professional counselor may render the application of these principles to individuals, couples, families, or groups.”
h.      The crimes are felonious and misdemeanorous in nature.  That both Tim Dore and Kelly Dore are public officers raises additional allegations of Second Degree Official Misconduct (18-8-405 CRS): they are both prohibited by oath of office to violate the laws of Colorado.  This is a Class 1 Petty Offense.

Go see this movie! Legends from the Sky

When most of us hear the letters "UFO" we think of "Unidentified Flying Objects," aliens, and the like. But in the Science Fiction thriller Legends from the Sky, we learn a new meaning: Unknown Federal Organization.

Here's the trailer:

Holt Hamilton Productions, notable producers of Native American films More Than Frybread, Turquoise Rose, Blue Gap Boy’z, and Pete & Cleo has announced the theatrical release of their fifth feature film Legends from the Sky

When:              January 30, 2015 – February 5, 2015
Where:             Harkins Theatres - Northfield 18
8300 E. Northfield Blvd
Denver, Colorado 80238
Price:               Standard Ticket Price

Legends from the Sky, a science fiction thriller about a Native American Veteran burdened by survivor’s guilt from a disastrous military tour who finds himself searching for his missing grandfather who disappears when an Unknown Federal Organization takes over his ancestral land, sets precedence in an uncharted genre for Native American films.

The film was predominantly shot on location at Dine College in Tsaile, Arizona on the Navajo Nation with additional days filmed on the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, Washington. The film is the first science fiction thriller produced by Holt Hamilton Productions, “I’ve had the idea to make a Science Fiction Native thriller for quite some time, I wanted to make a movie that gave me a new experience in a film genre,” Director Holt Hamilton said, “this story gave me the opportunity to get in and work with a different style of filmmaking”

Legends from the Sky showcases an array of talent with a cast roster that includes Los Angeles based actress/singer Mia Sable (Choctaw), Ernest Tsosie III (Navajo), Chris Robinson (General Hospital), Navajo Code Talker Thomas H. Begay (Navajo), Cale Epps, James Bilagody (Navajo) Drew Moore, Wayne Charles Baker (Squamish), Derek Solorsano (2Guns, Kingdom), Jon Gonzalez (Chiricahua Apache) and newcomer Edsel Pete (Navajo). 

Volume 6 Issue 3

SPECIAL REPORT: Judge strikes Elbert County Ag Building Regulations -- AND –- unprecedented corruption in Elbert County - Robert Rowland fears deer near gears, will fill grill on hill - No leads in Kiowa pet killings and deer poaching - Denver Stock Show coverage  Record attendance at RMNP - Iain Thomas: in Japan, decision gives way to intuition - Importance of soap in Taiwan - DEEPAK MORRIS! - Moody McCook - Buddhism - and so much more!
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Denver stock show coverage

Robert Rowland fears deer near gears will fill grills on hills

This photo appeared on Facebook posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics.  Elbert County Commissioner Robert Rowland commented on it. – Ed.
By Robert Rowland - - - I prefer the original grill thank you. We have this happening every day in Elbert County, the population has exploded and we are working to address the problem. Too many are feeding little Bambi in the backyard, not realizing the damage that does to free roaming wildlife and to the growing safety issue on our roads.

Editor’s note: we were unable to confirm (1) this is happening “every day” in Elbert County, (2) that the deer population has exploded in Elbert county, (3) that the BOCC is doing anything at all to address the problem, (4) that deer present unique traffic hazards to vehicles otherwise obeying speed limits.  - Ed.

No progress in Deer and housepet shootings near Kiowa

By Aaron Brachfeld - - - Deputy Pope of the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office has been assigned to the case involving the poaching of deer and the shooting of dogs, cats and other pets near Kiowa.  He is facing a shortage of credible evidence and is asking for the help of the community in identifying the criminals responsible.
        The criminals are using barbed darts to shoot dogs, cats and deer in and about the neighborhood.  Pope says he believes some of these darts are being propelled from a blow gun.  “It’s not like a 22,” he explained.  “A blow gun doesn’t make a lot of noise.”  This is complicating efforts to apprehend the criminals responsible for the animal killings.
        Also complicating his investigation is the propensity for animals to wander after being wounded.  “Deer can go 2-3 hours before lying down,” he explained.  The deer which was most recently shot likely sought a place it knew it was safe, masking the true location where it received its injury.  “It may have even been injured outside the neighborhood and wandered in because it knew it was a safe place,” said Pope.
        Animal investigations are complicated, however Deputy Pope gained some personal experience when, some time back, his house pet was kidnapped – by a 4 year old neighbor.  The animal was recovered safely.

        Pope has repeated a canvas he undertook at the beginning of his investigation, and has been running down any lead.  He is keeping the investigation open, and would appreciate information.  Residents can contact him at the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, use the anonymous tip line of the Sheriff, or call him directly on his cellular phone at (720) 841-9451.

Judge strikes Elbert County ag building regs, more

By Aaron Brachfeld- - - Elbert County, in District Court on January 14, admitted that it has no authority to prevent the production and sale of agricultural products on agriculturally zoned lands – even if those products are produced on non-adjacent lands.  Elbert County also admitted it had no authority to prevent the sale of agricultural goods and products on agriculturally zoned lands regardless of their place of production.
        The admission was instantly recognized by new Elbert County District Court Judge Spear, who memorialized the admission in his Court Order of the same day.
        Previously, Elbert County had maintained the opposite - citing Douglas County zoning regulations to hay farmer and cattle rancher Ken Holder and other residents of the County farming not only commodity crops, but specialty crops like vegetables and fruits.
        Elbert County has also reversed position to freely allow hay rides, stock shows (even those with auctions) and horse racing for non-profit purposes on agriculturally zoned lands. 
        Judge Spear then ruled against Elbert County, effectively striking their building regulations and fees for all agricultural buildings.  “The Court concludes that section 30-28-205(1), CRS does not require a permit for structures that are used for the purposes stated,” which are listed as “buildings and structures used for the sole purpose of providing shelter for agricultural implements, farm products, livestock or poultry.”
        Judge Spear also upheld the right to construct greenhouses without permit – if they are used only to shelter crops, not grow them.
        Judge Spear also ruled against the County and upheld the rights of farmers to store agricultural products and transport them without special review of their zoning.
        An injunction was placed against the County preventing the application of subdivision regulations to the hundreds of lots in the Townsite of Resolis and to maintain their land use zoning as “agricultural,” and to permit the right of residence on each lot.
        Judge Spear has reserved judgment on whether pumpkin patches and corn mazes may be permitted freely on agriculturally zoned lands.  Also, Judge Spear has reserved judgment on what kinds of driveways may be constructed without permit, though he has found some are exempt from permit and regulation by the County.  A hearing will be scheduled for the matter later this summer.

·         No building permits required for structures solely used for providing shelter for agricultural implements, farm products, livestock or poultry
·         Greenhouses do not require permit if they shelter crops and are not used for growing crops
·         All agricultural products may be grown on agriculturally zoned lands
·         All agricultural products may be sold on agriculturally zoned lands (regardless of point of production)
·         All agricultural products may be stored and transported to and from agriculturally zoned lands if that storage and transportation is done without remuneration or incidentally to the farming and ranching.
·         Hay rides, stock shows, stock show auctions, and horse racing may be freely undertaken on agriculturally zoned lands for non-profit purposes.
·         Douglas County Zoning Regulations are not valid in Elbert County



Hemp encouraged by Elbert County’s new leadership

By Aaron Brachfeld - - - While marijuana remains strictly illegalized, Elbert County’s farmers will soon begin planting another species of Cannabis: Hemp.

        After nearly 4 decades of systemic corruption effectively ended with a Federal Judge striking the bulk of Elbert County’s laws, Elbert County reorganized from a Commission-form of government to an Administrator-form of government under the leadership of Administrator Ed “R&B” Ehman and Attorney Wade “the Undertaker” Gateley.  These two have been constantly busy in reform efforts in restoring law.  These efforts have thus far been hand-in-glove with attempts to speed the economic recovery of our community.  The new tack of Elbert County is both business friendly and hands-off, and in their most recent policy declaration, promising for the prosperity of our local farmers.
        The new laissez faire approach toward hemp is summed up by Gateley when he simply states that Elbert County has no ordinances controlling or regulating hemp – though he warns that hemp is illegal under federal law.
        You recently inquired about hemp growing in Elbert County.
        Elbert County has no county ordinances controlling or regulating the planting, growing or harvesting of industrial hemp.  The cultivation of industrial hemp in Colorado is controlled by Colorado Statutes (C.R.S. 35-61-101 et seq.), and inspection and registration  regulations developed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (8 CCR 1203-23).  Even though Colorado has legalized the production of industrial hemp, growing it is still considered illegal under federal law.  Therefore, if you are considering growing hemp, I would urge you to contact the Duane Sinning at the Colorado Department of Agriculture (303-869-9050) and the federal Department of Justice to become fully aware of the risks involved in this operation.
Thank you,
Wade H. Gateley
Elbert County Attorney

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency’s policy on Hemp since 2003 has been to exempt Hemp based upon the product produced.  Hemp products which contains THC – especially those for human consumption – are illegalized, but according to the Federal Register (March 21, 2003 (Vol. 68 No. 55, pgs 14119-14126 – DOCID: fr21mr03-21), the Department of Justice’s DEA establishes a final rule on regulation 21 CFR Part 1308, DEA-206F RIN 1117-AA55 (Exemption From Control of Certain Industrial Products and Materials Derived From the Cannabis Plant), the final rule exempts from control numerous products.  
             “It is impossible to list every potential product that might be made from portions of the cannabis plant excluded from the definition of marijuana. Therefore, DEA cannot provide an exhaustive list of "hemp" products that are exempted from control under this final rule. Nonetheless, in order to provide some guidance to the public, the following are some of the more common "hemp" products that are exempted (noncontrolled) under this final rule, provided they are not used, or intended for use, for human consumption: paper, rope, and clothing made from fiber derived from cannabis stalks, industrial solvents made with oil from cannabis seeds, and bird seed containing sterilized cannabis seed mixed with seeds from other plants (or other ingredients not derived from the cannabis plant). Personal care products (such as lotions and shampoos) made with oil from cannabis seeds are also generally exempted.”

Unprecedented Corruption in Elbert County!

Commissioners, Officers admit to crimes in Federal Court! 
County remains lawless after Federal Judges strikes codes!

Evidence that media black-out was purchased - Victims number in the tens of thousands - Foreign monopolization of land and minerals motivated crimes, enriched government leaders - Allegations of violence and threats of violence against citizens - Citizens demand restoration of law

Elbert County's zoning regulation was struck by the United States District Court in 2014.  This zoning regulation includes the Elbert County Building Code and the Master Plan.  Declaring those forged documents pretending to be code as "impermissibly void" and "inapplicable" to property in Elbert County  There has been no valid zoning regulation in Elbert County since Independence Day of 1983. 

Elbert County purposefully committed this fraud and employed lawyers who advised County leaders how to best perpetrate their crimes.  Shockingly, often lawyers advised and participated in the tampering of evidence, forgeries, falsification of public documents, and engineered other obstructions to Justice.

The new Elbert County Sheriff, Shayne Heap, has thus far refused to be complicit in these crimes - and paid the price when his budget was slashed for political reasons, threatening public safety, and faced personal affronts as well.

"As a Commissioner, I'm going to refrain from any questions about zoning."

-Robert Rowland to the Meadowlark Herald, May 12, 2014


Elbert County publishes its legal notices in The Elbert County News, an Arapahoe County Newspaper, contrary to statutory requirements of State laws.  It also publishes legal notices in the so-called "Ranchland News" which has no valid business registration or taxable identity in Colorado or the United States, and fraudulently obtained a Periodicals License.  The Meadowlark Herald may disclose we nether presently receive nor have at any time in the past received moneys from Elbert County.

In Court, Elbert County has declared they are unaware of how much money is paid for advertising in these newspapers, but these unknown and undeclared sums of money are apparently purchasing a media black-out in these journals.  In Court, reporters working for Susan Lister (who prints the Ranchland News and accepts payment - in the name of "Lister" - for its advertising) have admitted to being told by the County what to print. 


After the fireworks grew quiet on Independence Day in 1983, Elbert County perpetrated the most audacious fraud in the history of our State by falsifying records and fabricating a fictitious legal code to govern land use and building construction.  These codes were designed to give advantage to foreign companies which at the time were beginning to monopolize petroleum and land resources in Elbert County by harming locals, driving land and mineral values down.

These laws were passed without the due democratic process afforded to citizens, and enforcement actions immediately commenced especially targeting regions where mineral development was intended and in growth corridors planned around that development. 

The coal seam in Eastern Elbert County was quietly bought up by a foreign corporation, together with those petroleum gas resources in the area; the mining company intends to strip mine the area, and construct a coal burning plant near the now-ghosted town of Buick (numerous towns used to dot the I-70 corridor in Eastern Elbert County, but each has been subjected to a system of illegal zoning and subsequent enforcement actions sufficient to destroy their commercial and industrial cores and prevent redevelopment).

The successful application for a permit to fracture drill a well accessing minerals owned by these foreign corporations on land belonging to former Chief Judge Sylvester was possible in large part to the depopulated nature of the vicinity.  Chief Judge Sylvester retired in 2014, shortly after the Federal Court struck Elbert County's regulations. 


During the past 32 years, numerous Officers and Commissioners have been responsible for additional crimes.  Transcripts from executive sessions indicate their emotionally cold mental state during their criminal activities permitted no sympathy for their victims.  Some acted out of a treasonous support for the foreign companies, or partisan beliefs that such development by foreign corporations were in the best interests of citizens - but some were motivated by monetary gain. 

To secure the cooperation of one Planning Commission Chairman, his farm was designated to be in a "growth corridor."  He was then presented with $425,000 in public money to preserve it against the hypothetical (but highly unlikely) development there.  Compensation from public coffers amounting to more, less and similar amounts were observed as received by other Officers and Commissioners.

Victims include (recently) even some present members of law enforcement after a new Sheriff was elected in 2010 who refused to participate or support continued illegal activities. 

The Sheriff's Office, which acknowledged beginning an investigation into the crimes after the Federal Judge's orders, refused to comment as it might impact the present investigation.  Comment was similarly declined by Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Former inspector Floyd Crossman testified against Elbert County.  Speaking candidly to the Judge, he said, "despite the fact that all of us in the Planning Department knew that there were problems with the Zoning Regulations and maps, we held out to the public that these regulations were valid, official, and were the final word.  The maps appeared official.  The regulations appeared official too.  When I told a member of the public that his or her property had a certain zoning designation, that person accepted it generally without any reservation."

Officers, Department Heads and other leaders admitted in Court to their crimes, and the crimes of their supervisors.  

In 2014, shortly after the Judge's Order, Elbert County reorganized,  Presently under the administration of a single County Administrator, rather than a Commission, there are signs of reform.  The Administrator's attorney, the present County Attorney, Wade Gateley, was directed to undertake efforts required to re-establish law.  His efforts have led to a reduction in the number of Commission members in an effort to streamline the normally lengthy political process.

At this time, there is no indication there will be compensation of the tens of thousands of victims, who must seek their relief from the Courts.


According to the Elbert County Sheriff's Office, the Sheriff's Office has observed some records missing from before 2010.  However, citizens residing near the coal seam alleged to Herald reporters that outrageous violence and thuggery occurred as the area was voided in preparation for foreign development.  Many of these reports cannot be confirmed.  However, some can.  Thesethe Herald has confirmed only under conditions of anonymity due to continued fears by residents of retribution. 

Those reports the Herald was able to confirm include the shooting and mutilation of cattle and poultry, the destruction of vehicles and farm equipment, damage to crops, burglary, theft, assault, arson, and other mayhem.  In some cases, witnesses observed the identities of the perpetrators, but no arrest followed reports to the Sheriff's Office.

It should be noted that residents noticed an immediate change two weeks before Sheriff Heap took office, with some telling the Herald that drive by shootings and prowlers immediately stopped after months of occurring upwards of twice or even three times a week.  They generally credit Mr. Heap for restoring public safety to the region.

These residents shared hope that Mr. Gateley will restore the law, and that Mr. Heap will bring the criminals to justice through prosecution.


Budget cuts have been made to the Sheriff by requiring he give more fines to the public.  More than 1/8 of his budget has been slashed since he took office. Heap has categorically refused to increase fines because it would require penalizing citizens who were not breaking the law.  "The Sheriff’s Office is here to protect the Constitutional rights, lives and property of all people in Elbert County. We write tickets for traffic safety, when there are fees that offset the operation of the Office that just means that the individuals breaking the law are penalized," said Heap.

From the beginning of his administration, Heap faced pressure from the Commissioners to continue the policies benefiting the foreign interests.  His budget stands as a statistical anomaly and testament to his own policies.  The most recent funding cuts stand at about 0.5% of the County's budget, but more than 7% of the Sheriff's total budget.  "The purpose of the ECSO is to enforce the laws and statutes of the state and county. This has always has been, is, and will continue to be our practice to ensure the safety of the citizens of Elbert County," said Heap in a Press Release regarding the punitive cuts. 


Numerous cases had been brought in civil court against Elbert County prior to Judge Babcock's orders of invalidation.  In each of these cases, the conscience of the Courts have been shocked.  The Herald is presently following several key cases before Elbert County's District Court.  After Judge Sylvester retired, these cases were reassigned from Judge Holmes to Judge Spear.  They are the first cases against Elbert County to cite the Federal order. 

There is some irony to recognize that one of the Plaintiffs, Ken Holder was also the first citizen in Elbert County to be victimized when the County, having engaged every commercial and industrial zone, turned its attention to actions against commercial farms, ranches and kennels in 2007. 

Inspector Crossman was assigned to the illegal enforcement action.  In a memo to Richard Miller, then the Director of Planning and Community Development on February 27, 2007, he asked for help.  "Historically we have never addressed an Ag business about their home occupation status.  Ya might need to defend our/my position. Not to mention my honor."

Ken Holder, whose ranch is located only a few miles from Elbert County's seat in Kiowa, was presented with Douglas County zoning regulations, coerced into purchasing permits he did not need for a barn which was not required to store and feed hay that he had grown to his own cattle.  Having suffered slander from the compromised media of Elbert County, threats, intimidation and numerous insults, he eagerly hopes for a restoration of law - and has complained to Sheriff Heap of the criminals in Kiowa.

Unlike other lawsuits, Holder's is not seeking monetary damage against Elbert County - only affirmation of his rights to undertake farming and ranching.  However, monetary damages and penalties - including those required for violations of civil rights - pend before State and Federal Courts.  And it may be hoped that other victims will find relief from the Courts as well.

The Herald can confirm that non-violent resistance is being undertaken by farmers and ranchers across the County as they increasingly exercise those rights to commercial agriculture the County would have prevented. 

Elbert County, for its part, under its new Administrator and Attorney, have begun to cautiously encourage farmers and ranchers toward this commerce, recently releasing a statement to the Herald establishing a position of non-interference with new hemp farms.

In court, too, County Attorney Wade Gateley has struck a non-confrontational position, reversing the antagonism of his predecessors against small and home businesses.  Freely blaming his predecessors at Commissioner meetings for the large mess he is confronted with, Gateley should be commended for taking a new tack.  But Gateley should also be encouraged to do what can be done to relieve the suffering of Elbert County's numerous victims and speed the economic recovery of the region from what can only be described as a modern attempt at foreign colonialism.

Sheriff Heap recommends other victims have the courage to come forward as well - without complaints from citizens, there is very little he can do.

Volume 6 Issue 2

SPECIAL REPORT: Cesium fallout – working the black seam - Sheriff Heap reviews Buzzard’s Pizza - Interview with Wildlife Manager Westbrook - Denver Police Blotter: why not to burgle while drunk - Temple of Tara holds open house - Horses near Carrolla - Brooks Imperial seeing red hating blue - Celebrating Rocky Mountain National Park’s Centennial - Buddhism - and so much more!
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